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16-Sep-2017 12:10

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I said hardware doesn't slow down because you access sites on a black list. They are sending a technician to check my hardware.It rarely happens during or streaming anymore (I guess that YT video explains why), and I only get on Spotify for about 20-30 minutes. Modem was at -3 receive, 44 transmit, 34 S/N before and after. To Bob who mentioned Media Defender: there was no p2p going on. But I did take a networking class and that is all you need is one to know that you sir are correct.....This method of avoiding prolonged use of these peer-to-peer programs has successfully kept our internet consistent and active. I didn't touch the modem or cable, didn't reboot anything. Their are many factors at play between your isp and your computer.... For example wifi bounces off solid objects and depending on your location you can loose alot of it.... lol I posted to warn consumers, not to solve a problem. Speed went to 2.2Mb for an hour, then back to .5Mb.

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It also doesn't seem to matter what time of day, as these drop offs have occurred at various times during the day and late night (seriously, 2AM, 4-5AM, 10AM, 1PM, and of course evening hours as well). They expected the full download speed from some server across the world and blamed the ISP for the speed drops. Bob Yes it happens all the time and yes we have now taken on the role of educating customers because for years tons of bad information floated around.I've had techs come out, replaced the modem, and contacted customer service and listen over and over that it must be something on my end, just to offer to send more techs out (a not-so-cheap option, mind you). It is getting better, folks are taking the initiative to learn what they need to learn before they buy but even then....In order to avoid it, we just don't play games for very long. Update: throttling stopped at 2 am, the morning after talking to tech support. I happened to be running a speed test when it changed.Yes, it's annoying, but it's better than getting our internet speeds dropped..confirms some form of speed limitation being utilized by Brighthouse. wired connections go through multiple devices and settings, firewalls... the less stuff in the way the better ok done rambling for now !!! A sudden speed change after changing DNS server is evidence the slowdown is coming from my ISP, not my modem or neighborhood congestion.

How about tests gathered from tools here: Shaper Probe (7 tests resulted in either test aborted due to too many packets lost, or an average of about this). Suggestion: problems solved by changing the modem might be due to getting an IP address that isn't blacklisted.Rather than wasting your time chasing your tail on this just email me so I can get the actual issue fixed for you. This is technically illegal but they get away with it by not actually throttling per say but instead making sure that there are never enough pipelines to these areas to ensure quality service.

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