Top scams of dating sites for seniors

23-Jun-2017 22:42

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Many of these courses are offered at low cost through colleges across the state.

An important thing to note is that people who are computer savvy, perhaps because they worked with computers before retiring, are sometimes more at risk online because they believe that being computer savvy means they are Internet savvy – but in reality navigating the Internet safely is more a matter of understanding human behavior than understanding technology.

Quizzes can also generate targets spam ‘offers’ based on your answers.

[back to top] Cyberbullying is not just a problem among young people; seniors are also affected.

Understand that any information posted in these quizzes is likely to be used by many companies.

Answer a medical quiz and you may find your insurance claims, even your ability to get insurance, are affected.

Sometimes these scammers ask for remote access to your computer so they can ‘fix’ it.

Don’t give anyone except for trusted family and friends access to your computer.

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These “tech scams” usually begin with an email or a phone call where the scammer tells you he or she works for Microsoft, Dell, or another company, and their goal is to get access to your computer and private information.

They can scam search engines to make their websites show up as one of the first results when someone runs a search.

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