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05-Oct-2017 07:34

An advertisement in the personal column of one of the Pattaya news papers read something like this: "Swiss male early fifties lonely in big house in South Pattaya. Remember the Cindy Lauper song "Girls Just Love To Have Fun" keep this in mind while on your holiday in Pattaya.

If you are regarded as a fun person then you will possess the magnetism for the "Pattaya" girls. For an in depth understanding of Thai girls and the advantages of having one as your partner read After-The-Rush by: Bill Williams.

I must state that bangkok112is not affiliated with any company or 3rd party connected to any bar.

Sugarbaby Agogo is located on Walking Street, Pattaya.

As I didn’t buy any lady drinks I couldn’t get a short time / long time price for the girls so expect a sliding scale based on the quality of the girl.

For me the overall selection of girls was a bit bland.

If you are having an epic night you can do one of the above.

For the barfine prices it’s 700baht short time and 1500 baht long time (dropping to 700 after 1am).

Their motto is ‘Pussy Without Attitude.’ 🙂 First impressions were good as upon entry I was greeted by the service staff who are happy to show me to a table.I didn’t do any touching but one guy was grinning ear to ear stroking the outer thighs of one of the soaped up jacuzzi girls when I was there.The management care about customer satisfaction, this is refreshing to see.I ordered an 80 baht draught Chang and sat with a nice view of the stage.

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Upon entering through the door the bar has a central dance floor with bar stools dotted around it.

The music was kind of classic dance, and was not too loud to drown out conversation. GIRLS On the date of visiting about 50% of the girls dancing on the stage were topless. She was making eyes at the guy the next table over from me and it was like he was hypnotised in a complete trance!

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