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This voucher cannot be combined with any other vouchers.The voucher can only be used for one rental (voucher is unable to be split for different rentals).Drive Now Carsharing ist das Mobilitätskonzept der Zukunft von BMW i, MINI und Sixt, mit dem du günstig Auto fahren und gleichzeitig flexibel bleiben kannst.

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The CDW € 1 is also included on all prepaid and savings packages. Drive'n Save Offers In the context of Drive’n Save offers, certain vehicles per minute rate can be decreased.

Purchased prepaid packages are only valid for a limited period of time.

Prepaid packages are only available for purchase and usage in your Drive Now country. Drive Now Prepaid Package € 100 Sixt Voucher (Sixt Prepaid Package) All Drive Now prepaid packages and Sixt prepaid package minutes have a 90-day expiration date.

Hourly and experience packages may have different amount of kilometers included.

The cost of 10 cents per minute for extended reservations also applies even if the rental is never started.

Um Teil der internationalen Drive Now Familie zu werden, brauchst du dich lediglich einmalig zu registrieren und hast von da an freie Fahrt.

Locuitorii oraşului Nisporeni se vor bucura de sărbătorile de iarnă până la sfârşitul acestei luni.… continue reading »

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Tahograf is a Croatian company which is dedicated to providing valuable services for fleet owners of commercial vehicles and trailers. nalaze se proizvodi najpoznatija proizvođača alata kao što su: Unior, Comet, Karnasch, Prohjan, Rodcraft, Bosch i Iskra te alati za razne vrste namjena poput alata za obradu metala, betona i kamena, drva, mehaničarskih alata, poljoprivrednih alata te opreme za zavarivanje Dodano: 22.4.2002. Bjelovar was founded in 1991 and currently employs 16 professionally qualified employees and its activities found in trade, manufacturing and services in the field of machine elements for power transmission. Jeruzalem Vino Our company, named Jeruzalem-vino d.o.o. Botanički Vrh - Seedlings, Plant merchant and Agricultural services We deal with production and selling of fruit plants, various species of olives, mediterranean trees and ornamental plants. Some of them are buoys, scallops, jellies, lavender buds, rosemary, several varieties of homemade rattan, figs, the famous "Žrnovska apple", ... … continue reading »

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