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In response to a query from the Direct Laboratories, Inc., of Buffalo, New York: ' ' Are chiropractors, osteopaths or naturo- paths permitted by North Carolina law to dispense or administer drugs, all drugs or only prescription drugs? The law makes no provision for naturo- paths in North Carolina. Tentative plans for the Formulary call for 3,000 copies to be divided equally be- tween members of the Pharmaceutical Association and the Dental Society. Cooper, a faculty member of the Uni- versity 's Shool of Pharmacy, is chairman of the pharmacists; Dr. Individual members of the committe have been appointed to develop specialized parts of the Formulary, such as ' ' How to Write a Prescription, " ; a brief summary of the barbiturate and narcotic laws; common Rx abbreviations and weights and measures; useful prescriptions (classified) ; office sup- plies ; emergency kit supplies and miscel- laneous preparations. After leav- ing there Eudy studied hospital pharmacy at Duke University for two years before taking the job at Gastonia. The speaker, who was less than enthusias- tic over some of the tranquilizing drugs, was introduced by Bill Taylor, Chief Pharmacist at the University Memorial Hospital. Least susceptible to recurring headaches are farmers (this survey was not conducted among the tobacco farmers of the state, we assume). Walker, director of sales pro- motion for Parke, Davis & Company, says customers do not buy pharmaceutical products just because they are nicely packaged, but for the results the drug produce.

," the Attorney General answered: "None of the three would be authorized to administer drugs of any description. Anybody may call himself ' ' doctor ' ' pro- viding he does not claim to be a medical doctor and does not attempt to evade the State medical licensing law. The ten-man committee is composed of five pharmacists and five dentists. Next meeting of the committee will be early in February. Eudy has always had a burning ambition to help other people. Robeson Society Holds Christmas Party The Eobeson Pharmacists Society held its annual Christmas Party & Ladies Night in Lumber ton on December 3. Similarly, a customer who goes into a hardware store for a ^ inch drill doesn 't want a % inch drill. • Pharmacist writes he has found a solution to complaints about high prescription prices, particularly those qualifying for tranquilizers.

THE LIBRARY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA THE COLLECTION OF NORTH CAROLINIANA ENDOWED BY JOHN SPRUNT HILL CLASS OF 1889 C615.05 C29 v.33 1957 UNIVERSITY OF N. AT CHAPEL HILL 00C39559708 This book must not be taken from the Library building. Traditionally a favorite with physi- cians for long-term vitamin and mineral prophylaxis in geriatric patients, GERIPLEX supplies eight important vitamins, together with six important minerals, rutin and the starch-digestant Taka-Diastase.® With its balanced, comprehensive formulation, it is also widely pre- scribed to meet therapeutic needs during febrile illness, convales- cence, or whenever the possibility of vitamin-mineral deficiency is increased. Margaret Riley Bob Wells Hattie B Hartsook Your Justice Drug Company Telephone Sales Personnel brings New Years Greetings and look forward to getting better acquainted via telephone during 1957. Caffeine V2 gr.— a recognized protection against depressive effects of colds and other suffering. He extends a personal invitation to all of them to attend the half -hour service in the orthopedic clinic at A. Eudy usually leads the service; however, on several occasions student nurses have taken over. A different minister is invited in each week to make the talk.

ALCqny ^"2 3 1957 Une Carolina JOURNAL of PHARMACY ^J volume ]AN 1957 xxxviii J f X1 -^- ' NUMBER Here... To get and to hold steady customers for GERIPLEX, be sure you have an adequate supply on hand. They also urge you to see your Justice sales representative for complete details on the N. We quote from— "The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics — Second Edition — Page 250" "Small amounts of codeine (2 Mgm) will decrease the frequency of coughing without altering significantly the respiratory minute volume. A typical service consists of two hymns, a prayer, special music by the student nurses and a 15-minute talk. Eudy is also advisor to the Christian Student Union at the hospital.

Now, a complete family of useful oral products: Pulvules No. 'A of the South NOW Pex Aonallzea • Nunnally's creates a new appeal for fine gift candy! Window banners, point-of- sale displays and visual sales helps! It is intended that each state will partic- ipate to "whatever percentage of the total accumulated fund was contributed by that State to the fund". We are indebted to Jim Mc- Allister, the author; to William Workman, news editor; and to Sam Braswell, staff photograp- pher, for permission to reproduce this original article, which ap- peared in The Kannapolis Daily Independent Magazine, North Carolina's only locally edited newspaper magazine.

1801 and Pediatric ELI LILLY AND COMPANY, INDIANAPOLIS 6, INDIANA, U. A :«iiitlllll keeps working for you and your customer GERIPLEX I N c •* .%r : Jb A prescription for GERIPLEX Kapseals generally produces repeat sales, sometimes year after year. Justice Drug Company Telephone Sales Personnel Hubert Walker, Rx. PS selling program — Personal •^ lus ^ roper ^^ rofessional L, J uccess ales izes elling TRY YOUR DRUG WHOLESALER FIRST JUSTICE DRUG COMPANY Greensboro, N. SUPER ANAHIST® PLUS CODEINE For sale over the counter without a Prescription in Drug Stores only The finest Cold Tablet formula available for sale over the counter SUPER ANAHIST Plus Codeine NEW EXCLUSIVE FORMULA Each tablet contains . Aspirin 3V2 gr.-Phenacetin IV2 gr.-most widely-used drugs for the home relief of pain; more effective, as combined, than if taken separately. He visits each ward and asks the nurses which patients are able to attend the services. ' ' This has been most encouraging, ' ' said Eudy, ' ' and we hope to have more of our doctors speak at the services." Another interesting feature at the hospital is the Tuesday evening vesper service for nurses.

' ' While exact details of the Fund have not been completed, the basic purpose of the plan is to aid pharmacy students now en- rolled or to encourage desirable students to elect pharmacy as a career by way of scholarship grants. "It's a great mystery," he declared, "but I'm certainly glad now I did it." He gets his greatest satisfaction from the patients who come to the Sunday morn- ing services in their wheel chairs, pajamas and bathrobes and after it's over say: "Thank you, I certainly enjoyed the serv- ice. Order from us in accordance with your current needs. ' ' Pharmacist, not knowing patient had one kidney removed : ' ' Doctor, don 't you mean ' kidneys ' ? The judge said he could understand ; asked what name was preferred.

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Your Customers Deserve The Best In Photo Finishing You Can Be Assured You Are Providing Your Customers with Finishing That Is "Truly the Finest in Snapshots" if You Are Served by Either of Two of North Carolina's Largest and Best Equipped Photo Finishing Plants. (Warning: May be habit forming)— most effective common ingredient for stopping coughs. -best- known antihistamine to check early cold symptoms, sneezing, watering eyes and many oher histamine effects. In 1953 he moved to Cabarrus hospital and soon picked right up where he had left off in Gastonia.

At the time of the sale, suggest to the purchaser that once a day, preferably at break- fast, one of the capsules, tablets, etc. By so doing, each member of the family will be assured of his or her quota of vitamins for the day. Contact period of at least 1-2 minutes is required. The King employees are proud of their new home and are looking forward to the big party now in the planning stage. 20 The Carolina Journal of Pharmacy He's Quite A fellow All his medicine is not pills: "People who are sick and people who care for the sick need closer relationship with Christ . ." Bv Jim Mc Allister At Cabarrus Memorial Hospital they think Eudy Hardy is quite a fellow. "We just couldn't do without him; he's an inspiration to everybody," said one doctor. He is the modest young pharmacist at the hospital who, in addition to filling prescrip- tions, also helps fill another need at the hospital — the spiritual need.

The Carolina Journal of Pharmacy Sell the family (250) size package of ethical ' ' drug store ' ' vitamins. No attempt is made to provide a complete list of all examples; rather, the lot of formulas found useful here is perhaps representative in examples of those types a pharmacist may find opportunity to prepare for the local dental group. Cavity Sterilizing Solutions — intended to sterilize dentinal surfaces prior to inser- tion of a filling. As soon as some finishing-up touches to the building and equipment have been com- pleted, officers of the wholesale drug com- pany plan "open house" for customers, sales representatives and others.

Entered as second class matter July 5, 1922 at the post office at Chapel Hill, North Carolina under the Act of March 3, 1879. Taylor, Chief Pharmacist, North Carolina Memorial Hospital, Chapel Hill This listing follows the indexing plan of Grossman. (1) Gottlieb's Solution #1 Zinc Chloride 40% with Tween 20, 1% in Aqueous Solution (2) Gottlieb's Solution #2 Potassium Ferrocyanide 20% with Tween 20, 1% in Aqueous Solution B. Fifteen salesmen cover central and eastern North Carolina and the southern part of Virginia.

We have made more than 27,000 shoppings, have written more than 10,000 letters to retailers and have detected more than •4,200 actual violations, resulting in a large number of cases being referred to our attorneys in those instances where the violations could not otherwise be corrected, neces- sitating the obtaining of many injunctions, some of which (Continued on page 56) The Carolina Journal of Pharmacy is published monthly by the N. Pharmaceutical Association, Box 151, Chapel Hill, N. Subscription rate: .00 a year; single copy, 25 cents. Dentin Desensitizers — employed on dried, isolated dentin surface, to reduce hyper- sensitiveness in necks of teeth. 70% Et OH (3) Ammoniacal Silver Nitrate Solution, NF (Howe's 2) Phenol Compound Phenol, Liq. Including President Starling, Vice-Presi- dent Jones and Mrs. Frank Page, secretary-treasurer, there are about 85 em- ployees of the firm.

To contribute 25c to the Scholarship Fund, the pharmacist signs and returns the card to The Anahist Company. Send your orders to us for competent handling and delivery. "Nationally-known vitamins of major pharmaceu- tical houses are really helping us do a job! " (Institute of Phar- macy, December 12) told this story about a balky mule.