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03-Nov-2017 19:58

After four years on a reported £6m salary, his inability to communicate in any meaningful way led to disaffection as much as the team's displays, and it emerges in retrospect that the Eriksson reign was one of the best – and the Steve Mc Claren rain was the worst.

The latter's subsequent adoption of a Dutch accent showed he was a Johnny Foreigner all along.

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Perhaps they should have taken the excellently named Clint Hercules with them instead of a seriously ill Gary Lineker.

Clint scored 301 goals for Aylesbury over 18 years, but still bemoans the fact that he missed a sitter of a header against England.

After watching Panorama (BBC1, Monday) with its footage of hooliganism and racist assaults on the terraces of Ukraine, it seems likely that there will be a few more shocking moments to include in the next compilation in four years' time.

The comedy queen shocked the world and got the attention of homeland security when she took to her social media to post controversial video, which shows the redhead holding up a beheaded, blood-soaked image of President Donald Trump to the camera.

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Along with the bloody images, Griffin wrote two tweets.As the comedian Al Murray said on How To Be England Manager (BBC4, Wednesday): "The Americans must have an alien in a warehouse somewhere who could manage the England team." Given that winning a tournament is about as likely as the discovery of extra-terrestrial life, it could turn out a happy coincidence.

Preferring instead to think of the evening as a casual night out where one can truly be themselves.… continue reading »

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Parents should talk with their kids and let them know they can speak openly if they’ve been inappropriately approached by a stranger or even someone known, whether in the real world or the virtual world.… continue reading »

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The company was founded after the Shraters, the family behind it, noticed how much product they were wasting at the end of a trip to New Hampshire.… continue reading »

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Article 34 of the new constitution, passed in January 2004, provides for freedom of the press and of expression.… continue reading »

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