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02-Dec-2017 13:04

This may be true if you are in Mexico or in parts of Central America (and some parts of America).But the same thing could be said of someone from Germany as well (not speaking English).

Actually, the truth of the matter is that Native Americans love to make money (which is a truth that tends to cross all racial barriers).

The casinos in question are usually owned by the tribe(s) of the reservation in which the establishment is located.

Because of the various unique laws that work in favor of reservations, Native Americans have found the gaming industry to be very lucrative.

In comparison, how many native born, non-Hispanic Americans are bilingual? The root of this stereotype seems to be grounded in the fact that many Hispanic folks continue to converse in Spanish; perhaps giving English speakers the impression that this is the only language they speak. But for anyone that has been on the receiving end of a very angry Latina, you will realize that Hispanics know the English language very, very well indeed.

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This is a fairly recent stereotype that has manifested as a result of the high percentage of casinos that can be found on Native American reservations around the country.There is a distinct impression that every Asian kid in the US school system is a scientific mastermind.