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This is owed in part, she argues, to maladministration and to the ignorance of women, particularly the poor, about their rights.In Chapter Twelve, "Negotiating Women's Legal Equality," Aixa Ansorena Montero discusses the history of a law, proposed in 1988, to bring "real equality" for women.This in turn played out in legislation and increased space for women.

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In "The Alianza de Mujeres Costaricenses, A Popular Movement," Ana Hernandez discusses how this grassroots organization, with operations in fourteen provinces, has pursued local projects like winning bus service for isolated communities and counseling women on domestic violence.

The authors note that the documents reveal "the fusion of three patriarchal systems": church, state and indigenous cultures.

In Chapter Seven, Clotilde Obregon Quesada investigates women's history in the nineteenth century, tracing the educational advances for women during that era.

These advances coincided with the arrival of material modernity: railroads and electricity.

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Obregon notes also women's growing role in commerce, particularly as owners of liquor stores!deer antler spray testimonials A separate study released in February from Mandiant, another firm that closely follows Chinese hackers, said a secret unit of the Chinese military was engaged in cyber espionage on American companies.