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She grew up in Arkansas, then lived and worked in Tennessee, Mississippi, and finally Alabama where she now lives with her son, Matt. In the corner a purple-painted curio cabinet with four shelves holds all of her treasures.Today Beth addresses schools, churches, law enforcement groups, and other organizations on personal and travel safety. Her collection of Wizard of Oz memorabilia is prominently displayed in the tall narrow cabinet. Natalee and her younger brother, Matt, were born in Memphis, Tennessee, where my first husband, Dave, and I had moved after college.Additionally, Beckner announces formation of a new task force to take a fresh look at the case, which is to include representatives from the FBI, Colorado Bureau of Investigation and the Colorado Attorney General's Office (. Detective Smit died in Colorado Springs at age 75 of colon cancer.September 2010 | Police Seek to Re-interview Burke Ramsey.Loving Natalee A Mother's Testament of Hope and Faith Chapter One In Natalee's Room It's early morning, and the house is quiet. I don't want to open them, because when I do, I'll have to face the day I've dreaded the most for the past twenty months. Eyes still closed, I hear an occasional car pass in front of the house. The cold morning brings the sounds of life's activities as people step into another day of their routines. Finally I stand up and slowly walk a half dozen steps or so down the short hall and turn right at Natalee's bedroom doorway. To my right I see her white high-school graduation robe hanging on the outside of the closet door, the honors cords still around the neck. Natalee was three years old and Matt was one when we left Memphis and moved the family to Clinton, Mississippi. It was a long arduous battle, but I was finally awarded sole custody of both children. Matt and Natalee were very protective of their mother.Today I have to pack up Natalee's things for the last time. Another one stops across the street, and I hear the car door open, letting music and cheerful muffled voices escape for a moment. The stillness in the house is interrupted by the harmonious tapping of little paws as Macy the dog and Carl the cat move across the hardwood floors. Maybe if I don't open my eyes this day will just pass, and I won't have to face what I have to do. The morning light shines in through the wall-length windows at the far side of the room illuminating all her neatly organized things. Inside this closet are two beautiful sundresses we bought for her to take to college, the tags still on them. It's Natalee's own space, and everything in it represents her. One night when they were elementary-school age I was going to go out for dinner.In their pursuit of Natalee, they encountered many roadblocks.

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According to Internet poster Candy, the May 14 issue of National Enquirer reports that John Ramsey has been dating Beth Twitty, the mother of Natalee Holloway, a high school girl who went missing on Aruba in May 2005 during a graduation trip; Ramsey and Twitty reportedly met in late 2006 at a Nashville speakers bureau.

He argues he was expressing his "point of view," which is allowed under the First Amendment (CNN Fast Facts). Boulder police, DA plan new DNA testing in Jon Benet Ramsey case.

Boulder County DA Stan Garnett and Testa confirm that they and members of their staffs discussed the issue with Colorado Bureau of Investigation administrators, who are on the verge of unveiling new, more sophisticated DNA tests than their lab has ever used before ( on a live Reddit AMA, resulting in nearly 200 comments. 3-9-17 | CBS Files Motion to Dismiss Burke Ramsey Suit.

10-25-13 | BPD Press Release: Boulder Police Department Statement About Release of Ramsey True Bills (Webbsleuths forum chat). This was published in Author argues that an serial killer named Edward Edwards did it.

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1-23-14 | BPD Press Release: Statement Regarding the Family of Fleet White, Jr. Fleet and Priscilla White, the Boulder couple who were in the Ramsey home the day Jon Benet's body was discovered, are officially exonerated in the JBR killing — for the third time (.Her beautiful daughter, Natalee, had disappeared without a trace in Aruba during her high school senior class trip.

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