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07-Jul-2017 19:05

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Diana Rakipi, now 59-years-old, made the decision to become a Burrnesha at the age of seventeen because she had always preferred playing with boys as a child and her future as a woman had no appeal to her.She explained her choice to news outlet RT: 'I never forced myself to become a man.I also know albanian girls who fuck with greek men. The video is hot and sex in international thing But don't Greek men have the smallest penis in the world according to durex and the French have the biggest.. Why doesn't he tries to find a girlfriend,instead of writing lies in the title or posting a video that he found someplace else under another title? where is the problem is or not albanian or greek what the niceee sex ... I mean you can tell even in some of the ancient greek sculpture. With such lies he is only making fun of himself and he proves his inability of finding a girlfriend. Not to mention the female tourists that enjoy sex in Greece during the summer season. and how many people we know albanian or greek they have relashionship or they are married...bullshit and see some porn... They used toilet cam voyeur bike to go for a while, watching the top of him.She has me push a mercedes voyeur cam past my shoulders.Albanian men are known for their hard core lasting sex .. There is not a single frame in the video that proves such a nonsense. Since when is this a solid proof to say that the guy is a circumsized Albanian? Albanian guys cant accept that Greek girls avoid them and reject them because they don't like them at all (because of their origin,their appearance etc) As for the opinions that Greeks are gay,that Greek girls need some cock etc,these are nonsense. Not to mention the scientific research that prove that Greeks are those who come first in sex. obviusly the guy fucks the girl and I don't give a shit who is greek and who is albanian. But I don't give a shit where they 're from. AAA kai min ksexniomaste mia malakia tin imera ton giatro ton kanei pera...

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Living as a man: Burreshas or 'Sworn Virgins' assume the role of the male Patriarch when there is no other male heir to inherit the family name.This whole farm belongs to me only, and I work very hard. ' It may sound like an unattractive prospect to some, but in these more conservative northern regions of Albania, where women still can't even drive or work, it's the only way to live a life of relative freedom.

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